Our 11980 Universal Tow Mirror vs. Competition

by Jake Nemecek on Sep 3, 2015 1:02:46 PM

Products are made to solve specific problems for people.  Some are a better fit to solve problems than others.  For drivers of vehicles that do not have any Custom Towing Mirror fits available, or for those who want a more cost-minded or temporary solution than a Custom Towing Mirror, a Universal Towing Mirror is often the best choice.

In the world of Universal Tow Mirrors, there a few upsides (price, ease of install/removal, less permanent) and a few downsides (less durable, "wobbly", vibration while driving, etc.)

Fortunately there are ways to limit the downsides.  We recommend buying a higher quality, well-rated Universal Tow Mirror like our #11980. It's a universal mirror that fits any vehicle's rear view mirrors, and it was made to withstand repeated / long-term use and rough roads. Make sure it's installed properly and you'll be amazed at the performance of this product.

What about vibration?  It drives me nuts with Universal Mirrors!

Vibration is an annoying problem with many Universal Towing Mirrors.  When you buy a new mirror and it feels as if it's going to fall off on your first trip, it's frustrating and worrisome.

With newer technology, better parts, and a commitment to making a great product, we've been able to overcome vibration issues with the #11980 Universal Bar Towing Mirror.

(Keep in mind, you need to install a mirror properly to avoid vibration, and vibration may increase over time with routine wear and tear on the product.)

Watch CIPA's Universal Tow Mirror vs. Competition

Take a look at a vibration study performed against a competitor's Universal Towing Mirror.  We tested it on a patch of fairly smooth road near our facility, and made sure both mirrors were installed to specification.

This video demonstrates about 1 mile of that drive - the other 15 miles were more of the same.  THE DIFFERENCE IS CLEAR.

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This post was written by Jake Nemecek