Motorcycle Handlebar Mirrors: TIPS TO FIND THE BEST

by Tyler Collingwood on Sep 14, 2015 9:02:25 AM

Whether you work at a motorcycle shop installing products for customers, sell motorcycle and powersports products, or personally ride a Harley, a Gold Wing, an Indian, or some other awesome heavy-duty bike, there’s lots of aftermarket products you can invest in that will contribute to the overall safety, value, and uniqueness of your motorcycle. While price and the "coolness factor" are often the top reasons bikers choose certain products over others, one highly-visible component in particular needs to be selected with quality in mind first and foremost: Motorcycle handlebar mirrors. 

Purchase lower-quality motorcycle handlebar mirrors one time (or shoot the breeze with someone who has) and you’ll quickly discover you do indeed get what you pay for.  Since motorcycle handlebar mirrors directly contribute to your safety on those back country roads, America’s highways, and the city streets, you’ll want the very best motorcycle handlebar mirrors on the market today.  Here’s some tips to consider when choosing (or recommending) motorcycle handlebar mirrors:

Deal with a company that’s headquartered in America.

There’s an instant sense of pride and peace of mind that comes with buying parts for your bike from a company that either manufacturers them in America and/or is headquartered here. Even if you never plan to personally contact the corporate headquarters of the company who manufactured your bike’s mirrors, just knowing that you could make a quick call to Michigan if you wanted to is reassuring.

Quality beats everything.

While price is understandably a factor when buying anything these days, when it comes to a man’s (or woman's) beloved bike, however, quality has no price. A quality mirror will provide exceptional performance and look sharp while doing so for many years. Inexpensive products are manufactured with cheap materials that look bad and can damage easily. Although you can typically tell the quality of a product simply by holding it and looking at it closely, if the manufacturer has a commitment to quality, they’ll share it with the world and stand behind that commitment. A quality-centric manufacturer:

  • is dedicated to continual improvements,
  • has a zero-tolerance factor for defects,
  • is ISO 9001 Certified,  
  • registered as an ISO 9001 compliant manufacturer,
  • adheres to exceptional and timely customer service standards,
  • ships on time (every single time),
  • values their long-term customer relationships, and
  • always remains open to expanding their product lines to meet the ever-changing needs of the times.

Choose a manufacturer that specializes in just a handful of products.

If motorcycle handlebar mirrors are one niche of thousands of disparate products that a company produces for totally unrelated markets, you may want to look elsewhere. You don’t want to market, sell, buy, or use mirrors that are made by a manufacturer who also happens to manufacturer tennis shoes and pizza cutters. Choose a manufacturer that is experienced, successful, and devoted to consistently producing top-of-the-line quality automotive and recreational vehicle mirrors; once they’ve established themselves in that market, you can trust them to provide the same level of quality as they expand and produce other related products for the market’s demands.

Being user-friendly matters.

Whether you’re the “go to” shop guy who installs mirrors for customers or you prefer to install your own bike’s mirrors yourself, you don’t want to spend hours in the process (when you’d much rather be out on the road riding). Being able to easily install and then adjust the mirrors is essential.  If you’re going to throw some reading material in your bike’s saddlebag, you’ll want it to be Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and not a pamphlet on “How to Adjust your Motorcycle Handlebar Mirrors in 60 Minutes” !

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