Deluxe Windshield Mirror Bracket #02330

The Deluxe Windshield Mirror Bracket will fit virtually any boat windshield. It has a depth of 1 7/8 inches, which is about a half inch more than most marine brackets currently on the market. The Deluxe bracket also has the ability to tilt forward for storage when not in use, rather than removing the entire unit.The Deluxe Windshield Bracket will fit the CIPA COMP Mirror (01300) and the CIPA  Wave Mirrors (01407) 7 X 17  Black Convex mirror, (01507) 7 X 17 Chrome Convex mirror and (01408) 7 X 17 Grained Black Convex mirror. CIPA is offering the Deluxe Windshield Mirror Brackets in black and silver "u clamp" mounts. It is made of high strength powder coated aluminum. The Deluxe Windshield Mirror Bracket will allow more boaters to be safer while on the water.Available in Cup Mount and U-Clamp Bracket styles for mounting flexibility. Pivot system provides full 120° of adjustment for easy storage without need to remove bracket. Clam shell design accommodates most windshield trim sizes and shapes. No drilling required for installation. 

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Product Features: 
  • U- Clamp Brackets available in Black and Silver
  • Bracket styles are for mounting flexibility
  • Pivot system provides full 120 of adjustment
  • Clam shell design accommodates most windshield trim sizes and shapes
  • No drilling required for installation
Product Details: 
Product Dimensions: H-3.25" W-5" L-12.25"
Item Description: CIPA Deluxe Windshield Mirror Bracket
Pack size: 1
Item model number: 02330
Additional accessories (sold separately): (01300) CIPA 7 x 14 Comp Marine  (01407) CIPA  7 x 17  Black Wave Mirror (01408) CIPA  7 x17 Grained Black Wave Mirror (01507) CIPA 7 x 17 Chrome Wave Mirror
Item color: Black
Replacement parts: N/A
Warranty information: Parts